Preparing for Baltimore

After weeks in her studio, working into the wee hours of the morning and foregoing most forms of sustenance, Valerie is prepared for the globalDESIGN show next week,  Feb 22-23. It took a bit of prodding, but she took a few moments to share a sampling of her exquisitely crafted designs.  I think the show attendees are in store for a real treat, don’t you agree?

imagejpeg_0Which is your favorite?

Wearing VOSTENAKstudios Designs


Feminine curves, combined with the strength of steel laced with gold. VOSTENAKstudios jewelry is indicative of womanhood. She is soft, charming, beautiful and tough as nails. She can manage carloads of children, handle the corporate office, bake brownies and fix plumbing. She is romantic, sensual, intellectual and pragmatic. VOSTENAKstudios understands what it is like to be a woman as the company is founded, designed and managed by a woman. We hope you feel feminine yet strong and empowered when you put on a piece created by VOSTENAKstudios.

We are pleased to share with you a listing of Valerie’s many achievements and upcoming exhibitions.


Wearable Expressions Exhibition

This is a busy month for VOSTENAKStudios! In addition to Milan Fashion Week and the globalDESIGN show, Valerie’s sculptural art jewelry will be exhibited at the Wearable Expressions 7th International Juried Exhibition at the Palos Verdes Art Center in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, from February 10-April 16.

Wearable Expressions began within a group of Palos Verdes Art Center fiber and jewelry artists who wanted to show art-to-wear as a serious artistic medium.  We congratulate Valerie for the honor to appear with this distinguished group of international artists and jurors.

We are pretty proud of Valerie and her accomplishments.




Milan Fashion Week

As the de facto capital of Italian fashion, February’s Milan Fashion Week is where designers of the largest and most influential brands in the world for men and women show their new collections for the upcoming fall and winter season.

Present once again with top jewelry designers, will be VOSTENAKstudios, exhibiting with Artistar Jewels, as part of Milan Fashion Week-February 22-28, 2017.

We, at VOSTENAKstudios, are excited for Valerie!

VO Reserve: Sky


Sometimes I forget . . .

. . . that my happiness doesn’t depend on what is going on around me. Sometimes I forget that I can choose to see the beauty around me. Sometimes I forget that beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes I forget that my creative is a Gift that I am here to explore and share. Sometimes I forget that I am not alone in this adventure of creating my life. Sometimes I forget to listen to the quiet, the stillness within, for the answers and help that I am seeking. Sometimes I forget the strength in vulnerability. Sometimes I forget to love myself.

But not today.

Today, I see the beauty brightened by the brilliant light of the morning sun. Today I feel the creative well filling up. Today I will ask for help. Today I feel strong in my vulnerability.  Today I feel supported. Today I feel loved.

Today is not a day to forget . . .


See Valerie at The globalDESIGN Show

As one of just 15 extraordinary artists in the nation, Valerie will be exhibiting her jewelry in Baltimore, MD, February 22 & 23 with the globalDESIGN 2017 show. Created in 2001, by Cindy Edelstein of the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau, The globalDESIGN show offers a way to bring outstanding international talent to the attention of the gallery and store owners who come to Baltimore in February for the fine-art jewelry and crafts on display.


According to globalDESIGN, The show was “created to answer a need expressed by jewelry shop and gallery owners for a greater variety of  designer jewelry, particularly for those exquisite pieces made outside the United States, than could be found in this country’s major craft shows that by policy restricted  exhibitors to only those who made their products in the United States and Canada.”

If you are in the Baltimore area or plan to be traveling there late next month, consider stopping by and saying hello. Valerie would love to see you.

Neptune's Gift-ring-6501

Aphrodite’s Gift

Winter Shimmer Season

Take a look around–what are your thoughts when you witness someone wearing bold jewelry? What about small, sparkling diamonds or a multi-hued pearl? A simple, languid bracelet? Jewelry holds power. It has the capability take on the depths and stratum of your history, your story. A simple change in earrings, a neckpiece or bracelet can enrich or alter your narrative.  What message do you want to send today?



Exciting news! Valerie will be showing and taking orders at the globalDESIGN show in Baltimore February 22-23. For more of her offerings visit this page