Designer Jewelry


Historically, jewelry has been used for many things: talismans for protection, symbols of love and societal standing, and monetary exchange for goods. Art jewelry adds another facet . . . one that brings jewelry into the soul-stirring realm of Fine Art. Often made without the ubiquitous “precious” stones and metals, the value in art jewelry is in the way it makes you feel when you put it on.

So many live in various levels of fear about any and everything in life, basing their decisions and actions on it, often unconsciously. I have learned that passionate action overcomes those fears. Passion to stand in that place of the unknown, facing the infinite possibilities head-on. In my art, those infinite possibilities exist in a raw piece of metal or a blank canvas. It is this passion to dissipate fear that defines my art work.

In wearing my jewelry, women are declaring that they have empowered themselves to follow their own passions. And in doing so, they become an inspiration for others to live their lives with passion—taking the chance to present their hearts to the world and standing as individuals in the graceful self-confidence that they are infinitely remarkable and valuable. A beautiful cycle is created . . . I’ve helped to make the world a better place.

Feel the passion . . .  Live the passion.™